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What is DREMC doing about internet access?

When DREMC is asked about providing internet service, it seems like a simple question.

But behind that question are many complex layers.

In 2018, DREMC began constructing a 386-mile fiber-optic ring throughout the counties we serve. The purpose of this project is two-fold. First and foremost, fiber allows DREMC to enhance the reliability and connectivity of the electric service we provide to all or parts of 16 counties in Southern-Middle Tennessee. Second, it establishes a fiber “backbone,” the primary infrastructure needed for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to then bring fiber to the homes and businesses of DREMC members.

DREMC is eager to partner with ISPs to bring fiber to the rural communities we serve. With more than 20 ISPs currently offering service in and around these areas, DREMC cannot be a competitive resource for fiber-to-the-home. However, through our fiber ring, and in partnership with ISPs, we can be an important piece of the solution.

With many phases of the fiber ring already complete, ISPs now have access to the backbone they need to bring fiber to the homes of our most rural communities without the burden and expense of installing this infrastructure themselves. DREMC is committed to partnerships in the form of leases and swaps to answer the growing call for fiber.

Any ISP interested in joining DREMC in our goal of making fiber accessible to the rural communities we serve should contact our Director of Broadband Development at 931-685-6104.

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