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Why must DREMC trim trees?

DREMC’s Tree and Vegetation Management helps us effectively control tree-related service issues while also promoting a bio-diverse plant community that attracts wildlife. DREMC enlists the assistance of tree contractors who trim our rights-of-way according to utility arborist standards. DREMC is a member of Tree Line USA, which recognizes best practices in utility arboriculture supporting the balance between utility needs for reliability, safety and adequate care for urban forests.

If your property is located near a power line right-of-way, some vegetation bordering your property could interfere with safe, reliable electric service and power line access because:

  • Trees and branches touching power lines cause most service interruptions. Clearing trees helps prevent extended outages and system damage.
  • Trees and vegetation limit electric repair crews’ access to power lines. Controlling growth allows for thorough inspection and routine maintenance.
  • Tall trees serve as bridges to electrical lines. Children and animals sometimes can’t resist temptation to climb and explore. Removing the trees promotes safety for your family and the environment and assures a continuous flow of electricity.

Because of these reasons, DREMC focuses on keeping our rights-of-way clear of trees and vegetation that will present issues of safety, reliability and cost for our members, employees and the electric system.