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Building or Remodeling

Check with your local DREMC office about qualifying for rebates before you begin building a new home, installing a new heating and cooling unit or installing attic insulation. You may qualify for rebates and/or financing to assist with your building and improvement plans.

Project HELP

Project Help allows Duck River EMC members to contribute each month to those having financial difficulty paying their electric bills. Add a dollar or more to your monthly bill and help your neighbors in need. You may also contribute with a one-time donation. Project Help is a voluntary donation program, and it is administered by third-party assistance agencies.

Help us make a difference! Click here for the Project Help sign-up form.  You may return the form to your office or scan and email the form to us at corpinfo@dremc.comContact your local office for more information regarding the Project Help Program.

Convenient Ways to Pay your Bill

Now is the perfect time to start planning how to better manage your electric bill. DREMC offers many options when it comes to paying your electric bill, and you can select the one that best suits your lifestyle and budget. For a complete list and description of each payment option we offer, click here.

Please remember that you must sign up for DREMC’s Budget Billing program in March or April.

Security Light

The installation and maintenance of a security light on an existing pole is available for a monthly rental fee. Contact your local office for rates and requirements.

Text and Email / Alerts and Reminders

DREMC offers quick and convenient ways to receive messages and reminders about your electric service. You can choose from text messages, emails and push notifications from DREMC. Our text and email messaging can be set up for you to receive reminders for the following:

  • Payment due date
  • Past due payment
  • Returned check
  • Arrangement installments

You can also choose to receive special alerts from DREMC for:

  • Daily energy use alerts
  • Payment confirmation
  • Outages
  • Estimated time of outage restoration
  • Outage restoration

To receive DREMC text alerts and reminders, simply log in to your electric account online, and select the specific messages you wish to receive. If you do not have a username and password, please contact your local DREMC office for assistance. Be sure to download our free, mobile app to receive the text messages on your phone. For more information about our mobile app, click here. For a quick, step-by-step guide on downloading the app, click here.

Life Support

If you or a family member depends on life support equipment, please let us know. Having the situation documented on your account is helpful as we inform members of planned power outages. If the medical equipment requires a constant source of electricity, advanced notification of planned outages gives DREMC members time to make necessary arrangements. Contact your local DREMC office so we can update your account with the type of life-support equipment used, your address and telephone number.

Auxiliary Generator

If you plan to purchase an auxiliary generator for your farm, home or business, please make sure you connect it safely.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and click here to read a few safety tips about generator safety from DREMC.

Surge Protectors

DREMC offers a surge suppression meter ring that installs at the electric meter base, which offers protection for certain household appliances. The meter ring is available for lease for $5 per month. A one-time installation charge of $25 will be charged for existing electric meters.

For more details about the program, click here.

To review the product warranty, click here.

Household plug-in surge protection can be found at many reputable retail stores or websites. Kenick, Inc. DREMC’s meter base surge protection provider, offers UL-listed plug-in surge protection through their website,, to further support the meter base device warranty. To receive a discount on your purchase through this website when ordering/purchasing, please use DR1 as your discount code.

Information and Questions

Brochures and information on electric appliances and energy use are available upon request through the Member Services Team or from display racks in the office lobbies. Educational programs are also available for civic and school groups. If interested in a presentation, contact DREMC’s communications department at 931-680-5880.

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