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Move Over. It’s the law.

Move Over – It’s the Law

Electric linemen have dangerous jobs. They work inches away from deadly high voltage in all types of weather – often high above the ground. They take extensive precautions to keep safe, but one of the most dangerous parts of their job is completely out of their hands.

In 2011, following efforts by Tennessee’s electric cooperatives and municipal utilities, the state’s Move Over law was revised to include utility workers as well as the already covered police, firefighters and other first responders. Unfortunately, motorists do not always heed the law.

The requirements of the Move Over law are simple. On a four-lane road,  if safety and traffic conditions allow, a driver approaching a utility vehicle with flashing lights must move into the far lane. On a two-lane road or when changing lanes is not possible, a driver must reduce speed.

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Tennessee Magazine cover for June 2016
Duck River technicians fixing a fallen power line