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Herbicide Application

In addition to annual tree trimming and right-of-way maintenance, DREMC uses selective low-volume herbicide application for controlling vegetation in the cooperative’s rights-of-way.

Herbicide application is typically scheduled from May through September (the typical growing season), to effectively manage tall-growing tree vegetation in the DREMC power line rights-of-way to improve electric reliability for our members and provide DREMC the access we need when restoring power after storm events. We have a three-year rotation schedule to cover approximately 2,000 miles of electric line annually; this is vital to controlling tree growth and maintaining service reliability.

Below is DREMC’s current herbicide mixture and application practice to help manage tree and vegetation growth near the rights-of-way:

Low Volume Foliar Mix*

Arsenal .5% + 52 ounces Method + 2 oz. Escort+ 100 gallons water

Hack & Squirt Mix*

20% Rodeo + 2% Arsenal + Blue Dye

– All branded products are to be furnished in custom blend in returnable containers where available.

– All mixes applied shall have blue dye, surfactant and drift control agent added to effectively control drift and visual marking after application.

For more information about the products, containers or processes used in DREMC’s Tree and Vegetation Management, please visit one of these websites:

*The herbicide blend may vary depending on the quality of control exhibited the previous year in your area.