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Electric appliance safety tips

Electric appliances come in all shapes and sizes make our lives easier. Even so, there are a few safety tips you should remember to help use the properly.

  • Always unplug small electrical appliances after using them. Even when the switch says “off,” power is still present, and appliances can electrocute you if they contact water.
  • Never use an electrical appliance near a tub or sink. If an appliance falls into water, DO NOT reach for it. Immediately unplug it from the wall outlet, and discard the appliance.
  • Make sure appliances and extension cords are NOT frayed. Replace them – DO NOT patch or tape them for repairs.
  • DO NOT run extension cords behind radiators, under carpets, through doorways, around pipes or near metal objects.
  • DO NOT plug too many appliances into one socket. Wires may overheat, destroy insulation and cause a fire.