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Apply for energy-efficient home improvement financing

There are lots of ways to make your home more comfortable and improve energy use, but identifying what’s most important and where to start can be overwhelming. That’s how DREMC can help. DREMC members have access to low-interest financing through the TVA EnergyRight program to make affording energy improvements for your home a bit more easy and convenient.

We’re also here with helpful advice designed to get you started on energy-efficient home upgrades, and we make it easy to sign up with eScore and connect with DREMC’s residential energy advisor. Plus, eScore gives access to the Quality Contractor Network, a pre-approved listing of local contractors, to ensure energy upgrades are done right.

For more information, please call DREMC at 931-680-5883.

Download the EnergyRight financing application here, and get started on taking the first step in lowering your bill and creating a more comfortable home.